Storming Robots Development Group

Space Simulation

Competitive space navigration environment (focus on space debris issues)

Rescue Line Simulation

Online competition platform.

Creating API Supports / Webots™

Create GUI - allowing less experienced to program in a professional simulation platform.


Research and Development

Professional level projects

Leadership Roles

Project Planning

Technical Presentation

Adv. Software Skills

Capitalize on strength to make a difference!

This is a small group of Computer Science and Robotic Engineering high school enthusiasts from Storming Robots. They got together to create not only software engineering projects with new ideas, but also learning opportunties to enhance others' strength in STEM.

Most of the development will be built on the professional Webots™ Robot Simulator.

What is Webots™? Webots is a sophisticated robot simulator which has been designed mainly for professional use in industry, education, and research. It requires programming experience usually in university and professional levels.

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