Storming Robots Development Group
Provide true-programming logic interfaces, such as conditional statements, loop structure, arrays, and organized, reusable function, state machine structure capability.

Motor and sensors interfaces such as encoders, Distance, Color Sensor, Gyro sensor, and GPS. Delay and time elapsed functions, Reset Simulation Stopwatch.

Hardware you need:

  • Min. requirement: 2+ GHz dual core CPU
  • 2+ GB RAM | 512+ MB of RAM graphics
  • Support OpenGL(v3.3+)
  • Prefer Graphics Adapter - NVIDIA or AMD

Webots-Blockly Video Tutorials (with Webots v2021.a)  

Get the software (compatible with Webots™ v2021a)

Programming Online Documentations

Upcoming Events

Starting in 2022 Winter Term

All current Gr. 5 to 6 I & II Analytics students will have the opportunity to work on this advanced simulation platform.

In the March of 2022,

Storming Robots will host our first Annual Robot Rescue Competition for two groups - Gr.5 to 6, and Gr. 7+. More details and registration will be available by the end of January, 2022.