Storming Robots Development Group
This simulates the competitive environment called  the Robocup® Junior Rescue Line competition. Do note that "Junior" means pre-college; complexity level in automation is very demanding even for advanced high school programming level. It aims to excite students to participate in robotics programming and software engineering. Webots™ simulation environment is designed for industrial and research usage. Our Development group aims to create an environment easier for the less experienced to adapt.

For Rescue Line Simulation
(For RCJ/USA only)

2nd SR's Robotic Simulation Contest

It was held on Saturday, June 11th, 2022. (Mentor: Aditya Dutt)

Here shows only the individual work achieving at least 50% of the field.


Robot Name
 Prog. Language
Milo P. (5th grade)  
Google Blockly
full scores


This contest environment contains a simplified version of the RobocupJunior Rescue Line.

Get Started with Google Blockly/Webots (with Webots™ 2023a)

Resources recorded in 2021

Do note: The following videos were created using Webots 2021a.
  • Need the Webots R2021.a and above (approx. 1.6G)

  • Webots-Line Installation and Introduction Tutorial

     View Video
  • Robotics Simulation Sample World...

  • Webots Rescue Line Sample Tutorial...

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1st SR's Robotic Simulation Contest

It was held on Saturday, August 7th, 2021.(Mentor: Jeffrey Cheng)


Robot Name
 Prog. language
Keitto (by Peter Leong)  
C++ (adv. field)
Rybot (by Ryan Wang)  
C++ (adv. field)
SamZRobot (by Samuel Zhao)  

For Maze Navigation

Many Samples with Webots

There are a wealth of samples coming with the Webots installation. They are located in the<your webots installation folder>/Webots/projects/samples/devices/worlds. During installation, you will see a set of samples from "Guided Tour - Webots". These samples are for the more experienced programmers. You may find e-puck_line_demo particularly applicable.

Although the following videos' context pertains particularly to the RobocupJunior Rescue Simulation World, programming and robots information are very much applicable in general simulation

Learning videos for Maze Navigation Webots competition